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The Uncertainty Principle of Vision

Core: We need to consciously choose to ignore the present if we want to see the future, or ignore the future to see the present. Trying to do both, leads to not being able to do either. Gingko is the only tool that lets you consciously do both.

I was watching a TED talk on the future of aviation. It’s titled “A 3D printed Jumbo Jet?“. That’s something I wanted to see, but I should have known what kind of talk to expect from the question mark in the title.

The talk basically goes through all manner of hazy thinking about the future of aviation, of manufacturing, etc. The specifics are sparse, and were always based on a mockup rendering, or on vague statements.

None of the technologies specified will be mature enough to implement in something like an airliner within the next 10 years.

I think this talk (and others of the kind), are a great example of what I call the Uncertainty Principle of Vision. The statement is as follows:
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