Monthly Archives: June 2016

Settling Down Again

6 months ago, myself, my wife, and our then-2-year-old son, sold many of our possessions, packed what was left into a 5′ x 5′ storage unit, and set off for Spain, Kuwait, and Sri Lanka.

We have stayed in 21 different places over this time, ranging from a luxury hotel in the center of Madrid (on deep discount, of course), to a night “sleeping” on the floor on the grounds of a church in Sri Lanka. All told, the trip cost us little more than rent & utilities would have, had we stayed.

As you might imagine, we are very happy to be back in Canada. We’re settling next week into a nice 2 bedroom apartment we’ve found to rent in the suburbs of Ottawa-Gatineau.

There were times during the trip where I let some things slide, mostly email and this blog. For that, I’m sorry. But at no point was I out of reach for anything major. Gingko as of right now has been up continuously for 3,361 hours, and only had 4 minutes of downtime in 2016.

Most importantly, for readers and Gingko users: I’ve had a lot of time to think during this trip. And more than time, I’ve gained some perspective on what matters. This perspective has given me a way forward for Gingko that I’m very excited about. While I can’t reveal much yet, watch this space for announcements.