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Write LaTeX equations in Gingko cards

I recently finished writing my PhD thesis in Physics!

And no, I didn’t write my thesis in Gingko, as it didn’t exist when I started. In fact, it be more accurate to say I dreamed up Gingko to avoid writing it.

In any case, as with most equation-heavy scientific papers, it was written in LaTeX, the standard for beautiful and accurate equations. Up until now, if you did want to write or draft an equation-heavy thesis with Gingko, you’d be out of luck.

But Gingko now supports LaTeX, and you’re free to use Gingko to work through the details of a proof (the tree structure suits this use-case well), or any other math-heavy work you’ve been forced to write.

Inspired by this, I decided to write a quick tree explaining three of my favourite equations: