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Gingko keeps your goals aligned

Life is both a series of long arcs, and a series of moments.

This, I think, is the greatest challenge of leading a good life. We can only ever touch the present, but the scale of our projects, our vision, and our lives span weeks, years, and decades.

I think Gingko provides one way to make sure we can guide ourselves through the long arcs that matter to us (raising a happy family, building a revolutionary company, writing an inspiring book), while still keeping clear what we need to do now to get there.

The approach is simple, and starts with this Goal tree template.
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If your project were a game, would you be able to finish it?

We tend to think of projects we’re working on as documents: we open the project file, do work, save the file, and close it for the day. Then repeat.

This mental model is fine if we have no time pressure, and no other projects to work on. But how often do we have that luxury?

Often, we start a project, we find that it’s taking longer than expected, and when conflicting priorities come up, we must put this project on “hold”.

But there is no such thing as putting a project on hold.

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