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Still going strong

I received a couple emails in a row asking if Gingko was “still active”, despite putting out what (to me) is quite a lot of updates… I realized that they’re all over the place, but not here on the blog.

I’m most definitely still here, working hard and full-time on fixing bugs for current Gingko, and developing the next version (Desktop + web). Most updates for that take place on the community forums.

You can follow me on Twitter, as it seems to be the platform I’m most active (though still, not that active).

I also started posting videos on YouTube, and will continue to do so, once our schedule returns to normal. For those who aren’t aware: my wife and I both work from home, and homeschool our 4.5 yr old son. He’s normally with us five days a week, and with the grandparents the other two… except for the last couple months when we’ve had him 6 or even 7 days a week.

So, that’s my mini update. I’m trying to be more visibly active, and I need to get over perfectionism in order to do so… working on that daily!

Gingko’s Path to Growth

Gingko is, and always has been, small, self-funded, and profitable. It continues to grow steadily, via word of mouth alone.

But I’ve reached the limit of what I can accomplish alone. For a long time, I believed I faced a tough choice:

  1. Take the path of selling Gingko off, and hope that my successor follows the spirit of the project and doesn’t let it die.
  2. Take the path of opening Gingko up completely in one shot, and risk irrevocably damaging the business. Thereby failing in my responsibility to my current users, and the family I help support.
  3. Devote all my energies to growth and profit, and stop making improvements until I achieve “scale”. Go big or go home.

Each had its attractions, but none are ideal. But, towards the end of the 5 month journey I took with my wife and son, I realized another option: “sell” Gingko to the world. Open-source Gingko, but raise a buffer to support both my current users, and my family in the transition. Bring Gingko, and its vision, to a wider audience.

So, here’s what’s in store:

Gingko Kickstarter OS
I’m creating a Kickstarter campaign to accomplish several things at once: Continue reading Gingko’s Path to Growth

Exercising the three mental faculties – Part 1: Memory

I’ve found it useful to divide the mental faculties into three categories: memory, awareness, and imagination.

Doing so has helped me clarify what I need to improve, and how to do so. I’ll talk more about each later, but I thought I’d share some exercises you can try for each faculty.

Today, I’ll share three exercises you can use to improve your memory. Most memory techniques are for helping you remember facts, numbers, objects, or abstract entities (semantic memory). I have yet to find a good exercise for improving episodic memory. If you know of any, please share in the comments.

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