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Resolution – How To Be Interested in Anything

It’s unavoidable that sometimes we’ll have to slog through a part of our writing that feels like a bore. Whether you’re ghost-writing a book for a client, writing your thesis literature review, or even when you’re smack in the middle of that novel you always wanted to write. Chances are you’ll hit a spot where you just… can’t … keep … writing.

There are a hundred reasons why this might be the case, but today I want to tackle just one: boredom.

Here are a few scenarios that most would find boring:

  • Filling out your tax forms.
  • Playing a mindless kid’s board game with your 3 year old nephew.
  • Sitting in a hospital waiting room (in Quebec, this can stretch out for 6 hours+, even in the “emergency” ward).
  • Meditating: just sitting and focusing on your breath.

But notice that in all of these, there are examples of people who don’t find it boring:

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