Gingko for presentations & storyboards

Without much fanfare, we’ve added a feature that might change the way you create presentations or storyboards. Quite simply, you can now view any tree as a slideshow in your browser.

Maybe for some.

Here are just two ways of using this for your work:

Presentations: Write them better, faster

Writing a PowerPoint/Keynote presentation is often a pain. The focus becomes on clicking around, on card layout, slide backgrounds, etc. When the focus, as always, should be on content and structure.

With Gingko, your focus is always on content & structure. Which means you can quickly create a well-organized tree for any idea you want to present.

For example, here is a tree on [subject].
By choosing “Save as Presentation” (or simply appending ‘.impress’), we get a presentation view of the same tree! [link].

An alternative is to use the tree to organize your presentation, but choose to have your actual slides be in the third column only. This leads to this: [link].

No fiddling with the mouse, with “Card layouts”, or any such thing. Just text, markdown, and a tree.

Storyboards: Quickly sketch a video or story

Gingko’s presentation mode can also be used to create quick storyboards.

Though this feature didn’t exist when I wrote the script for our “Getting Started Video”, we can still see how it would have helped visualize the movie from the script.

And more

As with any Gingko feature, we hope that you will find more uses for them than we have.

If you do, please share!

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