Science without Borders

Today, a 3 minute blast from the past.

I believe that science needs to change, and that to do so, it needs a new medium to work within. 
I think Gingko is a step closer to this new medium, but the element we’re still sorely lacking is collaboration.

In any case, here’s a 3 minute talk I gave in 2012 (before Gingko), which summarizes some of these ideas.

2 thoughts on “Science without Borders

  1. And the rest is history…

    In Gingko you’ve made it possible for people to collaborate. I’m not sure how Dropbox fares with editing shared documents… or if that is even possible… but linking to any platform where one might be able to allow people to edit any document/ graphic, much like you can do with Evernote’s Skitch, would allow people to mark up/ annotate and have that immediately visible in a Gingko tree.

    1. Hi Frank!

      I feel with Gingko it’s possible to collaborate, but there’s massive improvements that could be made on that front.
      Marking up/annotating and commenting would likely be the first (and biggest) step.

      As far as I know, Dropbox does something very basic: if you save a copy, and it conflicts with someone else’s copy, then you get two files, one marked “(conflicted)”.

      That doesn’t stop some professors I know from just sharing a LaTeX file in Dropbox, and having that be the “medium of collaboration” (this from a professor that works on a CERN project!).
      Maybe that’s changed by now (if so, let me know), but it is more prevelant than necessary.

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