Gingko Desktop – Ready for Testing


Gingko Desktop is now ready for testing.

Here are a few quick facts about it:

  • Runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Is based on files, so all your data is stored locally.
    You can open, save, and sync (through services like Dropbox).
  • Persistent Undo/Redo
  • Export to JSON (so you can import into
  • Export as text/Markdown
  • Visual changes, to increase the contrast, as well as other tweaks.

What it can’t do yet is:

  • Sync trees across devices.
  • Real-time collaboration.
  • Many other features missing as compared to (such as tags, search, focusing on one subtree, LaTeX etc.)

I need volunteers willing to test it on various platforms.
If you’re willing to try it out, please get in touch with me sign up at the form above.

I’ll be making wider announcements as I continue to iterate on this.


28 thoughts on “Gingko Desktop – Ready for Testing

  1. Great Adriano! Gingko is my favorite text editor even aesthetically. I would like to try it, though feedback would be very little.

  2. Hi Adriano,

    I would be delighted to run the app through some paces. This comes at a fortuitous time as I will be starting up a blog within the month. The site will have many subject matters and I was looking for ways to maybe organize the information to be posted to the site (before actually publishing to the site). Of interest here is the markdown export capability for site content – and of course the organizational capability of Ginko.

    – Dwayne

  3. Hi all,

    I’ve received a huge response from people willing to test this out.
    All are being added to my list, but I’ll be contacting you a few at a time.

    I will need you to contact me by email, though.

    So if you’ve only posted a comment, but haven’t sent me an email, please do so.

    Thanks everyone!
    Looking forward to getting this out to you.

    1. Hi Adriano,

      Yes, I would like to assist in the beta. Specifically, at least at first, I would use it to organize the future content of a new blog I am starting – the blog has several “categories” and I have many ideas for posts in each. Using Gingko might be a good test as I wrap my head around the content as it will need to track references, inspiration, and original content somewhat akin to writing a paper, just in the small.

      – Dwayne

  4. This is very exciting! I’ve sent my request to be a tester. I’m curious about one thing – will the desktop app be able to work in tandem with the web app? I use that version on my iPad.

  5. I use Gingko Web. Was looking forward to this because local saves will allow me to work offline and keep all planned article structures in-hand before I enter a no-web zone.

    Really interested in the Public Beta test. I am on Windows.

  6. This is awesome! Nice to see it coming to windows. Still have my fingers crossed for a chrome or android app release so I can use it on my chromebook offline!

    1. You can use it offline with the Chrome app right now.

      If you do, though, I wouldn’t recommend very long periods of being offline with it.
      Hence my developing of the Desktop version 🙂

      1. Can you explain how this works? I have been looking for Ginko App in the Chrome Web Store, but I couldn´t find it…

      1. Hey Adriano,
        Just noticed that the offline version of the Ginkoapp sets no limit on monthly cards. So…although it’s more of a good thing for lazy people like me, don’t you really want to fix this?

        1. Also, please, please, please keep working on this orz
          (It’s such an amazing editor! I can’t literally live without it!)
          If you need further help translating this software into Chinese, I would love to give you a hand!
          Anyway, do contact me if you need my help.
          Great thanks for making all these possible 🙂

  7. Hi Adri –
    Have you tested the web-based version on a Chrome machine?

    Congratulations, you’ve created an amazing piece of software. I’m moving a story I’m working on into Ginko for a proper test run!


  8. Hi Adriano!
    I´d REALLY like to buy Ginko Tree for Desktop, because I need to keep my data local, as my customers rules require safe data storage – NO cloud services allowed. Can you give a rough estimate when it might be ready? This is really the tool I have been looking for since EVER 😉 It´s really great! Looking forward for the desktop version and I am NOW becoming a subscriber!
    Happy coding 😉

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